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A few AJ Lee fan pages on Facebook and other social media outlets claimed that Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter fame confirmed the report. In AJ Lee’s match, a ring could be seen on her ring finger, proving the rumor to be true at least from at least thought. A date is not set and no knows if AJ Lee will be leaving any time soon.

Dave is well known for being one of the best pro-wrestling insiders in the world. Then Dave came out on his radio show to say it as well. Some have wondered, with CM Punk and AJ Lee now engaged, will that bring CM Punk back to WWE?

According to the report, both Punk and Lee unfollowed each other on Twitter for a time, but Lee is currently following Punk.

During the assumed fight period, Punk sent out a couple of cryptic tweets that suggested issues between he and his spouse. The quote is said in the beginning of the film after Cusak’s character known as Rob Gordon articulates the quote following a breakup.

It would allow him to work to be with AJ, but also allow him time off to heal and refocus.