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Your options include: An intraocular lens (IOL) works by replacing the focusing power of your eye’s natural lens.

Today’s IOL technology can give you better vision – often without glasses – than before cataract surgery.

Standard IOLs give you sharp, clear focusing power at a single distance, either close up (near vision) or far away (distance vision).

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This depends partly on the size of your pupils, the area where light enters your eye. With time, your brain gradually adapts, and most people with multifocal IOLs feel this effect is minor. Food and Drug Administration, 80 percent of people with this premium IOL never needed glasses.

Oregon Eye Specialists offers the latest multifocal lens options, including the Alcon Acry Sof Re STOR IQ® premium lens implant. If they did, they usually used glasses only for activities at intermediate distances, such as using a computer, seeing the dashboard display in a car or playing the piano.

A multifocal IOL has concentric rings that help your brain select the right focus automatically. Your vision without glasses usually improves gradually over the first year.

The rings of multifocal IOLs can create halos – a glow around lights at night.

Your Oregon Eye Specialists physician thoroughly evaluates your eyes before recommending an IOL.


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