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Report This Page Nathan Fillion was born on March 27, 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to his mother, Cookie and father, Bob Fillion. Nathan got his first role in 1993 TV film, Ordeal in the Arctic as Master Warrant Officer Tom Jardine.

He was always interested in acting and thus wanted to pursue an acting career.

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Fillion went on to attend Holy Trinity Catholic High School and later joined Concordia University College of Alberta, and the University of Alberta, where he was an active member of the Kappa Alpha Society.

He then went on to get roles in Saving Private Ryan, Blast from the Past, Dracula 2000, and Outing Riley.

The split was Carmine got her the marital house, the baby cloth line and also made him pay her legal fee and the spousal support.

There were a lot of reasons that were rumored to be the cause of the split.

Judge ruled against Marcil and informed that Marcil could sue him for the frivolous lawsuit. Her close relationship with Jillian Michaels, an American trainer who has announced her orientation to the public.


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