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There are some new features built into SP3 that, before now, were only available in Vista. I suspect this is to help clear any roadblocks for migrating to Server 2008.If NAP takes off, I can see this technology really helping admins with security standardization and policy enforcement, and it should reduce the number of vulnerabilities uncovered by internal security assessments. In addition, XP SP3 has some beefed up documentation on Windows security settings that can be good for organizations with limited network help.You can no longer buy Windows XP, but support for this tried and true OS will be around until 2014. I'll tell you straight up: I've really gotten into the user experience that Vista has to offer.

(I'm looking forward to the "NAP" jokes as well.) There's also the inclusion of the Wi-Fi supplicant updates supporting WPA2. Microsoft is touting the new ability to detect routers that are silently dropping packets (a security control dubbed "black hole routing").

I'm not sure why this is a big selling point but it's there if you need it.

You will, however, have to be running XP SP1 in order to install SP3.

But SP3 is not only about catching up with the old.

Given those claims and Vista's reputation thus far, you'd think Vista SP1 would be a huge update. It's 435 MB for 32-bit Vista and a whopping 727 MB for 64-bit Vista -- the version I chose to run.


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