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Your looks may help you attract him in the beginning but to keep the attraction alive your personality has to be captivating for him. Don't just leave it to fate or wait for him to approach you.

If you are really interested in understanding men and dating you have to realize that more than how you look what matters are what you say and how you say. Get the best surefire strategies that no one is telling you about.

They can become intimidated by your high standards and you can come across as too uptight if you are always dressed to the nines.

The best advice is to look nice, but be careful not to present yourself as plastic or untouchable.

If the man you are dating stares at a girl nearby you would obviously feel he is more interested in her than in you. It would be much better if you could point out the girl even before he gets his eyes on her and make a comment about how beautiful she is. He would think that you are very confident about yourself and secondly he would feel you don't feel insecure in the presence of another woman.