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In 43 of 47 countries surveyed, a majority say that the United States promotes democracy mostly where it serves its interests, rather than as a matter of principle.Even more unfortunately, this cynicism also includes 63 percent in the United States itself.

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Public rejection of American democracy is prevalent in most countries.

This may reflect opinions about the way in which the United States has implemented its pro-democracy agenda, and also about America's democratic values themselves.

Meanwhile, history will likely look more favorably on the vision of Mr. By comparison, the star of President Reagan has been ascending since he left office, and it is worth recalling that the Berlin Wall fell during the presidency of Mr.

Reagan's successor, the current President Bush's father. Reagan's vision of worldwide freedom earned him scorn at the time, whereas history has vindicated him. Reagan stated at Yorktown in 1981, "Our Declaration of Independence has been copied by emerging nations around the globe, its themes adopted in places many of us have never heard of.

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