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[29] C. Triantaphylides, M. Krischke, F.A. Hoeberichts, B. Ksas, G. Gresser, M. Havaux, F. Van Breusegem, M.J. Mueller, Singlet oxygen is the major reactive oxygen species involved in photo-oxidative damage to plants, Plant Physiol.

Oxidative stress is essentially a regulated process, the. equilibrium between the oxidative and antioxidative. capacities determining the fate of the plant.

Here we review the knowledge on monoterpenol oxidative metabolism in plants with special focus on recent elucidations of oxidation steps leading to diverse linalool and geraniol derivatives.

Key words: Environmental stresses, crop losses, plant adaptation, antioxidant defense. Most environmental stresses are affecting on the production of active oxygen species in plants, causing oxidative stress (1,2,3). Also...

Epidemiological and in vitro studies on medicinal plants and vegetables strongly supported this idea that plant constituents with antioxidant activity are capable of exerting protective effects against oxidative stress in biological systems [12-16].
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