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Alessondra Shares OKCOwl Cam with Birds And Blooms from OKC Owl Cam on Vimeo.

So assuming she hasn’t laid any prior eggs before she laid them at our house, she would have been at least one when she laid the first eggs, and has done so six consecutive years here, making her at least seven years old. Tiger is of similar age, though there’s no way to confirm that. In 2013, both eggs successfully hatched, and Alessondra named them, “Tigris” and “Teegra.” They both successfully fledged in March of 2013.

Yes, in 2012, two eggs were laid, but only one of them successfully hatched. (You can watch video of Teegra’s cinematic, lone fledge two days after Tigris fledged, here.) In 2013, The Tigers had three owlets, whom Alessondra named Saber, Bengal, and Amur.

Jeff is commercial real estate developer and owner of a company that builds new homes in Oklahoma City. In addition to her home schooling, Alessondra attends classes at The Academy of Classical Christian Studies in Oklahoma City, while Giavauna is enjoying the pre-school life.

The Clicks are 15-year members of Lifechurch.tv, and enjoy involvement both at church and within the community. Doing a photo shoot and interview for Edmond Outlook magazine.

One of the first things Alessondra said was “Her feathers look like a tiger! However, she has laid eggs here for 6 years, not brooding the first 2 years.