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The This opinion reflects a different perspective on the matters before the Commission in this hearing; specifically, I agree with the decisions of my colleagues regarding the wholesale services to be mandated and those to be phased out, subject to a reasonable transition regime.In particular, I agree with the majority that access to high-speed networks on a disaggregated basis should be a mandated service pursuant to our wholesale wireline access regime, and that such access should include access to fibre facilities.The evidence demonstrates that we are moving to a wireline world in which there is one pipe to the consumer with up to three distinct services from a regulatory perspective: licensed or exempt Internet Protocol television (IPTV) broadcasting undertakings, exempt broadcasting services delivered over the infrastructure of telecom carriers via retail Internet services and, lastly, retail Internet services without a broadcasting component.

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This has major policy implications that have yet to be truly reflected in our policies and regulations.

As discussed below, there have long been aspects of this evolution in play: the twisted copper pair (i.e.

The telecommunications industry in Canada is supported by a wholesale services framework that sets out the rates, terms, and conditions under which incumbent telecommunications service providers are required to make available parts of their respective networks to competitors.

These leased parts are referred to as wholesale services, and are used by competitors to provide services, such as local phone, television, and Internet access services, to their retail end-customers.

For the purpose of the subject matter of this hearing, this dissent has a very narrow focus.