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Whether you met him online, in the street, at a party, or you have never met him, it is a good idea to find out more about your date before your first meeting. Readmore What Is Blind Dating - Not What You Think If you are like most people, you are terrified of blind dates, which is probably why you are certain you have never been on one. Readmore - The Personality Test Everyone Is Talking... You fill out a profile and the system matches you to other singles, like any other dating site, but that is where... Valentine's day can be a dreaded day for many single girls out there, but it need not be so.

is one of the only dating sites that offers a guarantee with... Readmore The single girl's guide to surviving Valentine's Day There is no doubt, Valentine's Day is a huge commercial event that put a lot of pressure on a single girl.

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Readmore Top Five Mistakes Some Men Make With Women Since parents stopped arranging introduction between girls and guys, the majority of men struggle to meet women and have the kind of relationship they want, whether casual...

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I’ve once encountered this issue, of going through several relationships and discovered, to my own heart break, that my partners aren’t what I really want in my “soulmate” This are the tips I used in knowing that finally “this is the one” and ...

Read More » Women constantly struggle with trying to adopt traits the world tells them they should have in order for men to find them attractive.

There is something nerving about trying something new things in our day to day live.


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    Philippines Dating Filipina Love is a Filipina dating service dedicated to bringing Filipina singles and others searching for Filipina singles together in one central location.

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    He is very loyal to his girlfriend Cleo de Nile and tolerates a lot of her bad behavior with patience and grace, showing himself to care deeply about her and doing all he can to make her happy.

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