Lauren graham and dating

If that's not eerie enough, Graham's story about undergoing cryotherapy — aka getting frozen to look more youthful — will definitely freak you out!

We’ll always be rooting for Lorelai Gilmore to find love (*cough* with Luke *cough*) — so, of course we’re ecstatic that the woman behind the legendary character is so happy in her current relationship.

This makes me so so happy," Graham, 49, tweeted on Friday, April 7.

"Let's all go see @The Boss Film this weekend to celebrate."Graham shared her excitement just moments after news broke that Mc Carthy, 45, would be returning to Stars Hollow.

After combing through over 2,500 entries, we are thrilled to announce the winning flavor! Coffee (of course) chocolate pudding ice cream (because Emily is trying after all) but oy, with the snickerdoodles already– topped with pink [Pop Tart] sprinkles.


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