Joe dempsie dating hannah

Joseph Maxwell "Joe" Dempsie (born 22 June 1987) is an English actor, best known for the roles of Chris Miles in the E4 teen comedy-drama Skins (2007–2008) and Gendry in Game of Thrones (2011–2013).

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In fact, it could be argued that Gilly in the books is relatively unnecessary, a device to help further Sam’s over-arcing story.

Time asked the actress if she preferred shooting scenes at Castle Black, or in the far north beyond the Wall.

dans un téléfilm de deux heures dans lequel figure Hannah Murray.

Vers la fin de l'année 2009, Murray a également joué dans une adaptation d'Enda Walsh : Chatroom, réalisée par Hideo Nakata et avec comme covedette Aaron Johnson.

For example, Hannah talks about which character she would most like to interact with outside of those currently clustered at Castle Black.