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With this occurring, all sites will lose internet access temporarily. The main problem in the sluggish timing was the holiday traffic.

I'll be reterminating some cabling, switching cables to different ports on the switch, and reconfiguring a few servers. Took forever getting there, then had to go home to pick up some tools, then went back and in all of that; let's just say people drive stupidly. December 20, 2016 Chatro instability and state of business: I know you all have noticed and are tired of the constant up and down instability that Chatro is going through and based on some of your responses through the Help Desk, I can't blame you.

December 21, 2016 Winter solstice maintenance at about 2pm ET - COMPLETED It just happens to be the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year.

It is coincidence that I just happen to be performing a on-site maintenance. Had some issues at the datacenter and had to work with the network engineer to fix.

So my goal was to restore Chatro AND not have to take out a small mortgage sized loan in order to do it (cost of new/used equipment, moving equipment, new software, new datacenter, new service plan, etc).