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Actions, incorporating a gender-sensitive approach, will aim to investigate technical, psychological and sociological issues related to the victimisation of children in the online environment, including cyber-bullying, grooming, issues relating to online child sexual abuse material and emerging forms of conduct that put children at risk of harm Działania obejmujące podejście uwzględniające różnicę płci będą mieć na celu zbadanie technicznych, psychologicznych i socjologicznych zagadnień związanych z wiktymizacją dzieci w środowisku online, w tym z wirtualnym nękaniem, groomingiem, zagadnieniami związanymi z udostępnianymi online materiałami przedstawiającym wykorzystywanie seksualne dzieci oraz nowymi formami zachowań, mogących stwarzać zagrożenie dla dzieci Showing page 1.

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Another petition calling for the British government to hold a second referendum on E. membership has received more than 3.5 million signatures.

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In a BBC interview on June 9, Farage boldly declared, “Can we just get to the truth of this — £350 million a week is wrong, it’s higher than that.” He asserted the actual figure is £55 million per day day, and maintained, “We should spend that money here, in our own country, on our own people.”Yet, a few hours after the successful Brexit vote, Farage had suddenly changed his tune. Adding to this broken promise is the economic turmoil Brexit supporters insisted would not ensue. On the night of the vote, when the results were still being counted, the currency had already tanked at least 8 percent. Yet, after the successful vote, Brexit leaders now appear to have broken this promise too. Michael Gove, the Conservative justice secretary who also campaigned for the leave camp, insisted Brexit would “bring down the numbers” of immigration by 2020.

Independence Party, made even more egregious claims just weeks before the vote, nonetheless. Brexit’s staunchest advocates promised that leaving the E. would allow them to stop or at least drastically curtail this migration. Boris Johnson’s campaign was predicated on the argument that the E. did not allow Britain to control its immigration policies.

κάθε μορφή ανεπιθύμητης προφορικής, μη προφορικής ή φυσικής συμπεριφοράς με πράξεις γενετήσιου χαρακτήρα με σκοπό ή αποτέλεσμα την προσβολή της αξιοπρέπειας ενός προσώπου, και, ιδίως, τη δημιουργία εκφοβιστικού, εχθρικού, ταπεινωτικού, εξευτελιστικού ή επιθετικού περιβάλλοντος.