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Another significant difference with our service delivery model is that it’s not focused on speed but on providing quality counsel and making sure the plan member understands their options and how those options can impact their financial security in retirement.

We believe this is imperative in order to help our members avoid costly mistakes that could negatively impact their retirement security. We spent years developing this model to ensure we were ready.

We had to build internal financial planning expertise and develop sophisticated online tools within a service delivery model that’s structured to provide both transaction and decision support. They don’t always know what to ask for when they need help, which makes it critical to have a frontline team that can discern when a plan member simply needs general information or transactional support and when they need decision support from a client service advisor. We’ve introduced sophisticated online tools to help members take a more active role in their retirement planning with the ultimate aim being to draw them back to us for important advisory discussions. To help plan members make the best decisions about their pension given their personal circumstances and goals, we created a new client service advisor role that combines pension expertise with a certified financial planner designation.

To do this effectively requires staff with pension expertise, strong communication skills and a broad understanding of retirement planning issues. Helping plan members “close the deal” when an election is made to complete the transaction. These tools help plan members gain a better understanding of their retirement picture allowing for a more meaningful conversation with our advisors. These advisors help plan members navigate pension decisions by helping them understand how each option affects their entitlement in our plan and their overall financial situation.

We launched advisory services because we want to ensure our plan members have the support they need to make sound decisions about their pension in the context of their personal financial and life circumstances.