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The book really is the ultimate guide to dating online.

In a little less than 200 pages, Davis discusses how to choose a dating site, how to design your profile (and choose pictures) to maximize the amount of interest you receive, dating multiple people at the same time, texting and, perhaps most importantly for newbies to online dating, the danger signs to watch out for. Davis, who boasts to have worked with over a thousand online dating clients one-on-one, has to say falls into the category of common sense.

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Therefore, right in the introduction, Davis asks you to vow to “not get discouraged by the riffraff” and to “not get emotionally involved until we meet beyond the broadband.” Bottom line: You can meet an asshole online or offline.

The trick is to eliminate the a-holes from your purview as soon as possible, whether you meet them on or offline.

However, you all know the saying “common sense isn’t so common.” You should also know that it’s easy to be discouraged when you don’t immediately meet Mr. Charming and start a relationship in 3 months or less.

But knowing all this we all still make rookie mistakes, we all get discouraged, and we all sometimes follow our emotions instead of following the logic.

The concept is as straightforward as it is inevitable: you fill out some basic information online, say when you’re free to go pokémon hunting, and then the site matches you up with potential dates.