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Therefore, if you activate a THR22 and do not currently have the DVR service from DIRECTV, your bill will increase by $12/mo for the DVR service.

(These fees are in addition to the per-receiver charges for any access card beyond the first.) Also, please keep in mind that if you do not currently have HD equipment, you will have to subscribe to DIRECTV's HD package, which is $10/mo.

What are the main differences between the THR22 HD Ti Vo for DIRECTV and DIRECTV's non-Ti Vo HD DVRs? Can wea Knees move shows from my old to the new THR22 Ti Vo?

Do I need any special DIRECTV equipment to use the new DIRECTV HD TIVO? Can I use old Ti Vo and new on the same system/dish? Can I move recorded shows from my THR22 to my PC/Mac? If I get a THR22 from wea Knees, will I own it or will it be leased?

It was accompanied by a message that told me about TTG and all the wonderful features that were added, even though I had been using TTG for some time. -- Lenroc Archived from groups: alt.tivo (More info?