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So when the telecommunications regulator, the Nigeria Communications Commission, circulated a Draft Lawful Interception of Communications Regulation in May this year (in light of the fact that primary legislation has been slow to make its way through Nigeria’s National Assembly), it was met with opposition by the telecommunications industry itself on privacy grounds.

Nevertheless, following the publication of the regulation, the NCC invited tenders for the award of 25 consultancies: A Consultancy on Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Activities; Review of the Readiness of Social Media Networks and its Implications for Telecommunications Regulation and National Security; Development of a Technical Framework for Data Filtering in Telecommunications Networks; and Development of a Technical Framework for the Use of Social Media Networks. Despite the current legislative uncertainty, and the legitimate fears of stakeholders and people from across Nigeria, the groundwork for creating a massive surveillance regime in Nigeria is already being laid, with the shopping spree to acquire surveillance technology under way.

Thanks to pervasive snooping technology readily found and developed in the US, UK, Israel and the Netherlands, the already spy-equipped security forces in Nigeria will have greater and more intimate access to the lives of some 56 million Internet users and 115 million active fixed and mobile phone subscribers.

The plans have been roundly condemned by Nigeria’s civil society and press, who fear a drift back to Nigeria’s dictatorial past and to the threat it poses to their fundamental human rights.

Amnesty International last year highlighted horrific human rights abuses by the security forces in Nigeria in response to attacks, including enforced disappearances, torture, extrajudicial executions, the torching of homes and detention without trial.