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Donato gives us his take on why boxing is such a great overall workout." My approach to preparing collard greens is a little bit different than the way you’ve seen them traditionally prepared. The Man Guide recently had a sit down with some of their core members to briefly discuss their movement.

This recipe is a bit shorter and very easy to make. If you’re not up on their brand yet, check the video and get familiar." I met Kanaan at our local gym a few years ago, where we hit it off right away.

Tony was gracious enough to invite me into his home recently where we spoke on camera for over an hour." Months later, Velasquez was defeated by Werdum at UFC 188 and once again our pending interview would have to wait.

Two weeks ago, as Cain prepared for his rematch, I received a call that he was ready.

The rooftop at 44 Brickell offers spectacular views of the Miami skyline along with two standard indoor sized futbol pitches (56‘x110), a comfortable indoor lounge, and an outdoor patio that separates both fields.