Dating someone emotionally unavailable

So yes, you can fall in love with different artists, because there is plenty of room to paint. It must continue representing our definition of love. Everyone’s definition of love is usually far from what love actually is.Instead of taking the time to learn it and understand it, we define it and do our best to keep it within that definition.

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Different people will react to a broken heart differently. To be completely honest with you, your chances aren't good.

Some will lash out at the world, punishing their livers and overall physical and mental health by partying and sleeping around, hoping to cover up the pain with debauchery. Others know that doing a bunch of bad doesn't help you forget the bad that was done to you. The only issue is that they aren't ready to find it. From my personal experiences, and from the experiences that friends and readers have shared with me, it would seem that people must be ready for love before they meet someone they can potentially love.

He's going to need time to take a step back, spend time with himself and introspect a bit. You're going to either get tired of his apparent lack of interest in you and in the relationship, or you'll get addicted to that feeling of wanting him each and every time he pushes you away. Again, this doesn't mean that he never will or that he isn't capable of it.

What it means is that the chances of him screwing things up and hurting you are higher than average. He's dealing with unpleasant thoughts and emotions that are still keeping him attached to his ex and the love they shared. It seems only plausible that such a guy would be more likely to cheat, to lie, to be egotistical and, from your perspective, heartless.

He primarily addresses the successes and downfalls of love and life.