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Вы здесь: GAMES.RU » Форум » Re: коды на игру SIMS2 на PS2. 9,999 симолеонов: Активируйте код Cheat Gnome , и нажимайте R1, L1, R2, Right, Left в режиме игры. Выберите Cheat Gnome→ Interaction/Location: Give Simoleons.

I'm currently playing my PS2, and I've recently developed an interest in RPG games with dating sim elements! I've finished Persona 3, Persona 4, Ar Tonelico 1 & 2, and I'm currently playing Sakura Wars - So long, My Love.

I've Noticed that in some manga/anime, They've shown Characters Playing Dating Sims on The Consoles, so i'm just wondering if i can buy one, in english? P.S.: I'm Sorry If i Made Some Mistakes, English Is Not Really My Language,Lolz.

Get the most out of this PS2 simulation game. Check out these cheat codes for The Sims Bustin' Out life simulation video game for Sony's Playstation 2. Cheat codes should be entered during the game at the PAUSE menu.

Игра для PS2 The Sims 2 2005 через торрент/torrent бесплатно.
Изображение : The Sims 2 [Игры для PS2 2005] скачать торрентом/torrent бесплатно
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