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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating Brother Best Friend (981 Views) I'm In Love With My Brother's Best Friend, He Is Jealous Of Us / Am I Doing The Right Thing Or Not? / Raped By Your Brother's Best Friend (1) (2) (3) (4) i dont see a fuss in anytin abt dating bro's best friend, u take chances when u date people, u never really get the full picture from the onset! Besides, no brother would allow his pals to devour his sister. , I don't need the added stress and/or drama, so I would rather get involve with someone my brothers don't know and vice versa.

when u date people, u make decisions u think is good for u! As for me, it makes the relationship between friends stronger and the family also. Brothers are protective when it comes to their sisters especially if he is a PLAYA himself.

I won't hesitate if i should find love with my best friend's sister. Hannibal: And if u have got some massive CRUSH on this dude.

But we go dey careful oh, Your friend fit nor take am likely with you. What if you break upp with your best friend's brother? What if your best friend started having feelings for you and you start having same feeling for him? I wont, All my brothers friends, they included, are man-hoes, So why would I subject myself to that?

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