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Aside from the syrup bottles used to store Coca-Cola syrup at soda fountains (which themselves have become collectibles), the first bottles used to transport Coca-Cola were Hutchinson-stopper bottles.Even though they were only about six inches tall, Hutchinson bottles were quite heavy and clunky.Gone was the dispute between dark and light colors of glass; all of these new bottles had the same color: German green, later renamed Georgia green.

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Although very few of these bottles have survived, the Hutchinson stoppers left an important legacy: to open the bottle, one had to push the stopper down through the neck.

When it opened, it popped—which is how the term “soda pop” entered the American vernacular.

Like the Hutchinson bottles, the crown-top bottles had straight sides, but they were lighter and easier for people to handle.

Though William Painter of Baltimore invented the crown-top bottle in 1891, it did not become popular until about a decade later, when sanitation laws began outlawing other types of beverage seals.

As impossible as it may seem today, Coca-Cola did not originally intend to sell its products in bottles.


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