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Dating advice for women circa 1950

bath oil: it's quite funny at first, it smells as if someone opened a can of coca cola!

i love the middle notes, the spices and the vanilla-like balsams tickle my nostrils so naughtily and smell so clean. it feels just like being up all night in a black short velvet dress, thinking of some heartbreaker of a man, making a plan to seduce him once again.

I don't know if Youth Dew is old enough that it doesn't come off as overly dated (think 1980s), because my husband loves it and he hates most strong perfume. I would recommend the Bath Oil which is a much softer spicy oriental. You can purchase this fragrance from Estee Lauder Palais Royal starting in October and get a free gift. Yes, it is a BOLD statement piece and that's what it's all about for all those reviewers who just don't get it!

It does remind me of my mother who sometimes wore it in between her other fragrances, it was not her staple but an addition.

I have the 1 ounce bottle, but it's going to last me forever. It even gave me a rash, youth dew did not like me at all. Just don't bathe in this fragrance and you should be good. This is my FAVOURITE perfume - my signature scent, and I ADORE IT!!! This has a very distinctive smell, and i actually thought it was a dior fragrance until she told me what it was.


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