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So he calls back to complain and ends up threatening to send police helicopters to get us.

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After the video came out, British prankster Sam Pepper, 25, has since insisted that all the girls in his video were in on the joke and that it was simply to highlight how people have different reactions to assaults on men and women.

But the video, which has since been removed by You Tube, still has viewers in uproar, with some expressing skepticism over whether the girls knew, while others pointed out that he has created other insulting videos, including 'Easiest Way To Get A Number' and 'How to Pick Up Girls with a Lasso'.

This starts out with us telling a guest that they never paid the bill that we slipped under their door.

After several minutes of confusion, we finally admit that we're just bored front desk employees pranking all the guests.

A woman has come out of the woodwork to say that she's been sexually harassed when she was 15 by a You Tube celebrity whose video of him groping women on the street has gone viral and she’s not the only one. Faces serious accusations: Sam Pepper recently went under fire for posting an offensive video to You Tube of him grabbing girls' behinds and since then women have stepped forward to say he sexually assaulted them'I didn’t even know who Sammy Adams was,' she said.