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Not appropriate for "Fifty Shades of Grey" readers, but certainly appealing for Marquis de Sade wannabes. The leather & rubber dimensions are scarcely noticeable under the conventional, safe perfume structure. When I first smelled this, was taken aback by the initial black tire rubber blast!

waited it out because I wanted to see where the scent went and found that the dry down is lovely dark leather and sweetish vanilla, with just a hint of smoke.

The scent itself is fascinating, somehow they managed to create a smell of a car tires, rubber tubes, gasoline, plastic canisters with gasoline, rubber tubes with gasoline and car tires.

It is fascinating yes, but I would never want to smell like that myself.

I was hoping to get a smell of leather car seats with a hint of flowers and musk, all I got was the smell of car-service workshop.