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Your husband's exhortation not to waste your time and energy trying to change his mother suggests that the scenario is not a surprising phenomenon and may well be personality related. If you turn the lights off and the focus is no longer on you, you can see the world beyond -- a broader and more expansive view becomes accessible.

Our self, our ego, the me, obstructs our ability to see the other.

You are giving your mother-in-law way too much power over your life.

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Changing others, my dear reader, is a futile attempt fraught with dashed hopes and great disappointments.

You are setting yourself up for exactly what you are getting.

Instead of seeing in your mother-in-law a person who is maliciously trying to hurt you, you might see a very threatened and insecure individual.

It might be an insecurity resulting from aging, ill health, lack of fulfillment or a myriad of other factors and causes. If you look out your window at night when the lights are on, all you will see is your own reflection.

I know that I probably should never have gotten married. As he matured and became more realistic, he perforce adjusted his dreams -- first, to reform only his country, then his city, his community, his family.


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    The latest research also indicates that one in four relationships now start online. Fits in with your busy lifestyle As our work lives become increasingly busy it can be hard finding enough time to socialise to meet that special person.

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    The government of Mendoza province has suspended classes at the Antonio Provolo Institute, the school for children with hearing impairment.

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    Just don’t forget to give him back the pants, or at least share them, when he’s ready.

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