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Thus was born a vastly easier method of connecting your computer to everything from printers to digital cameras. The Ethernet You can thank Robert Metcalfe (born 1946) and his ubiquitous invention for your ability to share documents, printers and connections to the Internet.

The invention set the stage for a future in which nanoscale machines will increase computer speeds, perform intricate surgeries, and generate solar energy more efficiently. Synthetic Skin Since the early 1980s, burn victims have sung the praises of Gail K. That's when she invented a method of "tricking" cells into responding as if they were inside a human body.

As a result, growing tissue can be stretched, resulting in the secreting of proteins that make for stronger tissue.

Watch a fascinating video of sprinter Oscar Pistorius -- known as "The Blade Runner" -- who uses this ingenious device.

Kate Forgach is a Baby Boomer consumer specialist for Kinoli Inc.

Interestingly, the mathematician parents worked on the Ferranti Mark 1, the first commercially sold computer. Free Shipping No inventive roundup is complete without a look at modern consumerism.