Are mtv dating shows fake

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if 2 dudes were sitting beside u on a couch waiting 2 find out if they were gonna steal ur gf or not dun u think there would b alot of fights.. i kno id be jumpin up and kickin the shyt out of both the dudes. all the shyt they say to the parents and they blow it off like nothing and theres never any fights.

Jay, I'm curious as to your thoughts on such documentaries as Zeitgeist, Endgame, and The Obama Deception.

Personally, I have had my disagreements with some of what he has said also, but that doesn't take away from the fact he's the better candidate than Mc Cain and all argument. you enter a battle of wits, unprepared and unarmed.

if you really did have something to say, I'd be honestly open to hear them, but if this is all you got then don't waste your glaringly unappreciated banter on me, I leave my journal open to those who want to have an honest debate, not just talk trash about course this show is staged.

A shallow interest in comics could turn into a productive and fulfilling career in art.