A gemini man dating a gemini woman

a gemini man dating a gemini woman-83

A gemini man dating a gemini woman

We clicked right away people always tell use we belong together even before we started dating! Try talking more about his interests and get involved in things he likes. WELL I BEEN MARRIED TO A GEMINI MAN FOR OVER 15YRS.

I fear he may have some secrets but I'm still getting to know him but thus far he seems to be my perfect and my husband, both are gemini. lot of miss understandings between us since 1 is not caring my come, as mentioned above, a Gemini men is very intelligent and very good at being a husband. AND HE HAS NEVER SHOWED ME THAT HE LIKES HIS FREEDOM, BECAUSE HE NEVER WANTS TO LEAVE MY SIDE FOR ONE MIN.

It will be ideal if both Geminis would find a common ground to take this responsibility equally, without prejudice to anyone's independence.

Communication of two Gemini individuals reminds of communication of children naive and open to the world: they will never grow up, and will remain the same spontaneous and fun forever.

Their similarity makes them open to one another, because each of them, by their feelings, knows what the other feels at the moment.