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Housing benefit and/or council tax support can be considered for backdating up to one month (this changed in April 2016). There is no time limit in which to submit a council tax support appeal. Customers who have reached state retirement pension age.

There are no set time limits on making a backdate request. There is an automatic maximum three month backdate for anyone that has reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.

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There are limits as to how far back we can go and these time limits start from when we receive your request for backdated benefit. Persons who have attained the qualifying age for state pension credit will retain the three months automatic backdating (not actually backdating).

three-month time limit. Общая лексика: трёхмесячный срок. Универсальный англо-русский словарь. time limit — UK US noun [C] ► a date or time by which something must be done or completed: within a time limit »If a deal is not reached within the time limit, the firms involved will set...

Таймлимит — это время, предоставляемое для совершения какого-либо действия или операции. Таймлимит брони — это время, предоставляемое для оплаты и выписки забронированных заказов. Внимание!

The time limit for backdating is 3 months for people who have reached the qualifying age for state pension. You can calculate your state pension age on GOV.UK.

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Backdated claims. If you qualify for Housing Benefit we usually pay it from the Monday after we receive your claim. We automatically consider their entitlement for 3 months before their date of claim. What do you mean by 'good cause'? Good causes include

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If allowed, up to six-month backdating would apply as long as the buyer pays for that time period. Two parties in a business contract who explicitly agree in writing that an effective date for the contract can be made at a date prior to the current one.

However the customer will need to show good cause for not claiming before · neither the customer nor their partner receives any of these benefits, the three month time limit for making a claim for HB/CTB applies - ie effectively a three month limit on backdating applies.

There are no formal time limits on making a backdate request, but the maximum period that a benefit claim can be backdated is 6 months from the date we receive the backdate request if you are of working age and 3 months if you are of pensionable age.
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