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If the parameter br equals yes, y, or 1, a line break will be inserted between the date and the age.

When this parameter is not included or set to some other value, a breaking space will be inserted between the date and the age.

This default may not be appropriate for articles about events or entities in parts of the world where dates are commonly given with the day preceding the month (DMY).

To display the day first, assign the df parameter a value of yes, y, or 1 (e.g. If the default format is preferred, the parameter df may be used with value of no, n, or 0 (e.g. These values can assist bots or other automated processing to detect the intended date format; omitting the df parameter may lead an editor or bot to change the format to an unintended value.

This does not change the separating characters between the date and age which are either a semicolon (default setting) or parentheses (if p=yes).